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Are you looking for a car not available in New Zealand?

Sick of the lack of choice in New Zealand?

Do you enjoy the challenge of going outside of the box and doing things yourself?

We have regularly sent cars to New Zealand for private individuals.  It works and it saves.  

With over a 135 auctions and 100,000 cars per week, there is a much wider choice of vehicles to choose from in Japan.

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Of course there are pros and cons.  It is better understanding both before venturing down this road.  Let’s list the cons first:

It is not instant.  You can go out today and visit a yard and probably drive home with a car.  Buying and importing a car from Japan, you need to set aside 2 months on your calendar before you can drive it.

You need to pay for it.  You can go to a yard and drive out with a car with hardly a down-payment required nowadays.  Some tricky manipulations of the system by dealers allows them to do this, albeit at a horrendous interest rate that makes you end up paying double the value of the vehicle by the time you have finished.

 It is not for just a cheap car.  If you are looking to buy the cheapest Honda Fit 2008 in NZ, look in NZ.  However, if you are looking to buy a more expensive, newer car, look in Japan.  The more expensive the car is the more you will save by importing directly yourself.

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How about the pros?

The huge range and variety of vehicles in Japan, with a population of 126 million, compared with NZ’s population of close to 5 million just means there are more 2nd hand cars for sale in Japan. For example the list of 2017 Nissan Leafs on sale in just one day in the auctions.

You are buying directly from the same wholesale auctions that the car importers buy from.  The only difference is you are not paying the dealers profit margin on the car.  Again, the more expensive the car is the more you save.

Rare cars.  This especially applies to European model cars.  Where searching in NZ for such a rare vehicle brings few or no results, there are always models available in Japan.  I have only used pictures of the Nissan Leaf here, but it applies to all models.

So it will take a little learning, a bit of a growth curve.  We will give you someone to help you through the process.  Sign up, find out more, get a free PDF on how to understand the Japanese used car auction sheets.


View the auctions now! 2 week preview 


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