Hybrid and fuel efficient cars from Japan .. time to consider importing

As Ireland gears up to start phasing out large diesel SUVs and gas guzzlers in favor of hybrid electric, fully electric and smaller capacity petrol powered vehicles and with Brexit looming in the New Year, now is the time to consider an alternative source of ‘Green Machines’. 

Maybe also, … With the Greens in coalition you can be guaranteed that each successive budget will penalise the polluters more and more, eventually destroying residual values. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT 

So what market is going to supply low cost

The land of the rising sun, is the land that introduced “hybrid” to the world.  Although the technology was old (1973 result of the oil embargo), Toyota pulled out this old technology and introduced it to the world in the name Prius.  Now hybrids are found in a huge number of models ranging over all the Japanese makers.  

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So why the Japanese market?  Basically one word, depreciation.  Japanese cars depreciate faster in Japan than the rest of the world.  Secondly, most transportation in Japan is done by train, even when you own a vehicle.  This means Japanese cars on average  have lower kms compared to similar cars in Ireland.  Car ownership often means just driving on the weekend.

Cars to consider importing into Ireland from Japan:

Toyota Prius, Nissan Note, Honda Fit and there are many many others.  Add to this list the right and left hand drive European made vehicles, the choice is often overwhelming.

So where are these cars sold in Japan?  The source of used vehicles in Japan for the local market and for the export market are the auctions.  This is where dealers (not open to the public, but only licensed Japanese dealers ) and exporters come together to bid and compete for their stock in some of the fastest and largest car auctions in the world.  Take the USS Tokyo auctions on Thursdays, 8 lanes of the auction selling cars and trucks simultaneously, either selling or passing in every 20 seconds, going well into the evenings. Huge.  

Interested?  Perhaps sign up for a 2 week preview?  View the stock available in the auctions in Japan.  Have someone talk to you about the process of exporting from Japan/ importing into Ireland. 

Get a free 2 week trial, immediate access to the Japan car auctions

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