Arai Truck Auctions


Arai Truck Auctions

Arai Auctions.

Not only cars but trucks, forklifts and construction equipment are sold at the Arai Equipment Auction, specifically Arai Oyama.

There are 4 basic auction areas:  Arai Auto Auction Sendai (north of Tokyo), Arai Auto Auction Oyama (outer Tokyo), Arai Auto Auction Bayside (Yokohama) and Arai Auction Fukuoka (Kyushu).

Arai Sendai … every Tuesday from 11am .. cars

Arai Oyama … Tuesday: construction equipment .. Thursday: regular passenger vehicles .. Saturday: vans and trucks

Arai Bayside … Tuesday: motorcycles .. Friday: regular passenger vehicles

Arai Fukuoka … Tuesday: motorcycles

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