USS Auction Houses in Japan

USS Car Auctions

USS Car Auctions

USS Auto Auction houses in Japan, the largest auction house group.  USS actually stands for “Used Car System Solutions”

Auction Houses


… and growing, there are now 19 locations, including HAA Kobe, which is still keeping it’s name

Auction name Place Day of the week
Sapporo  USS Sapporo Near Sapporo, Hokkaido. 30,000yen extra transport costs to get cars down to major export ports Wednesdays
Niigata  USS Niigata Niigata City Wednesdays
Tohoku  USS Tohoku Miyagi Prefecture, 25,000 or more extra transport costs to get cars down to closest export ports Saturdays
Tokyo  USS Tokyo Chiba, largest auto auction in Japan Thursdays
Saitama  USS Saitama Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo area Fridays
Yokohama  USS Yokohama Tokyo area Tuesdays
Shizuoka  USS Shizuoka Shizuoka Prefecture Saturdays
Hokuriku  USS Hokuriku Japan sea Fridays
Nagoya  USS Nagoya Nagoya area Fridays
USS-R Nagoya Nagoya region, “recycle auction” cars tend to be older and cheaper Mondays
Osaka  USS Osaka Osaka area Fridays
Kobe  USS Kobe Kobe area Wednesdays
Okayama USS Okayama Okayama Prefecture Saturdays
Shikoku USS Shikoku Shikoku Island Saturdays
Fukuoka USS Fukuoka Fukuoka, Kyushu Wednesdays
Kyushu  USS Kyushu Saga, Kyushu Saturdays
Kagoshima Kagoshima
Gunma  USS Gunma Gunma Prefecture Saturdays

Of all the auction houses, USS are the largest.  In order of their size view the following data:  cars sold in USS auction houses from 2010 to 2011


Although USS Tokyo is the largest of their auctions with well over 10,000 vehicles per week, the first was USS Nagoya, with their first auction in 1982 with only 255 cars.

A more up to date blog article on the USS auctions in Japan here

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