Big Dealers Have Their Pluses And Minuses. This Is A “Big Minus”

Have you ever bid on a car, it fell into your budget, but you weren’t given it by the agent?                                                                 >>> Get auction access now <<<

Ever wondered why? It is the “Big Agent Dilemma”. A dirty secret they want to hide. Here’s the problem.

A nice car appears in the auctions, that many direct purchasers are interested in. They spend time (time is money) searching, calculating a bid and then bidding and anticipating.  Little do they know but their bid is not the only bid their Big Agent has for this car.  Let’s say 11 other competing dealers have similar bids on the same car.

So what is the large Agent going to do about this internal competition?  Keep quiet?  Tell the other 11 users that it had rust or was bad in some way? Tell them it was removed from the auction?  Hide the results of the car?

Some of these large Agents actually use the bidding data to determine which cars are good for their own stock and refuse to give the purchase to the bidders!  Not only not allowing you to take the car you bid on and researched, but using your bidding information for their own stock purchasing.  A conflict of interest so to speak.

Big agents such as Nichibo, IBC Japan, Showa and Heiwa can do things in big ways with a smooth and well oiled machine, but they can not give you loyalty.  To be competitive in this market you need loyalty.  YOU GET THE CAR YOU BID ON.  Good cars sell, and if you want to be around for years to come you need access to the best cars available in Japan, not the split loyalty of a big agent.

Provide Cars does not mind being and remaining small in the car export business, but at least we can gain you competition and access with loyalty.  Get access to the same cars you always bid on, but this time with loyalty:

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