The Japan Car Auction Vehicle Exporting Process


What is the process of purchasing and exporting a car from Japan car auction?

In fact it is very simple

  1. Get free access
    Check the site.  Do some car searches.  View the average selling prices.
  2. Once you are happy with your research and you know your own countries rules, you are ready for the next step.  Send a 100,000yen refundable deposit.  This will give you purchasing rights.  We will guide you through the whole purchase process providing translations when needed, and advice.
  3. Once purchased.  We will email you with the details and breakdown of your purchase.  We will discuss with you the details of the shipping lines and arrange for the first possible boat to your port.
  4. With payments complete your vehicle’s bill of lading will be sent to you.  This along with any other documentation required for your country.

Trust us.  We have been exporting Japan used car auction vehicles since 1996.

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