Mini trucks from Japan

The best kept secret in Japan? It must be their “Kei Trucks” or as in Japanese: 軽トラ (kei tora) or literally “light trucks”. 

Standard truck sold in Japan
Customized truck in Japan

Which auctions do they appear in?  Basically ALL auctions, and the bigger the auction, the more mini trucks there are.  So look to USS Tokyo for the biggest number of mini trucks each week.  Then look for the trucks in USS Nagoya.

What models to search for?  If you are looking for a tip truck (dump truck), look for these models: Daihatsu Hijet, Suzuki Carry, Nissan Clipper (HD), Daihatsu Jumbo Cab, Daihatsu HD dump, Suzuki HD dump, Honda low dump. 

Pre-customized truck in Japan
Post-customized in the USA

For further information feel free to contact us also about building a business in selling mini-trucks in your own country … contact us   or go directly and get a 2 week pre-view of the Japanese auctions and the mini trucks available there.

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