Provide Cars  is eying up a potential new aftermarket car that will end all “road rage” problems.  It is a wrangler jeep marketed by Chrysler with a few aftermarket adjustments.

Take a look at the photo and picture yourself driving this car down to your local shopping center!


Time to put to end all road rage.

Imagine that middle-aged  lady’s expression on her face (the one in the Toyota Prius who never gives way to you) and her immediate compliance to the road rules!


Public Friendly Compliance Vehicle (PFCV)

Or think of those times when having a quick persuasive debate with some young people in another car and they use that version of sign language that you find hard to explain to the kids, how useful would these aftermarket gismo’s be then!

Provide Cars is looking into the possibility that owning this wrangler could also reduce the number of parking tickets.  After successful importation of the first prototype into Japan, the parking ticket theory will be tested live on the streets in Osaka.

Provide Cars considers the used car auctions as one of the better places to sell this vehicle, for the local Japanese market as well as for the export market.  Potential buyers could range test the aftermarket products on the vehicle on all the other empty vehicles in the auction without putting others at risk.

If you would like to pre-order this vehicle, please contact us.


Some of the aftermarket equipment, on hand for quick use


Even space for a handbag between the aftermarket extras