How many auctions are there anyway?

Checking some of our large competitors sites and I see one site claiming 150 auctions per week.  Well that is a bit of news to me.  I make it our objective to make every vehicle auction (including truck) available to our customers each week.   Let’s go through them and count them all.
Mondays:  we have AUCNET, Honda Fukuoka, Honda Hokkaido, Honda Kansai, Honda Nagoya, Honda Sendai, Honda Tokyo, JU Tokyo, USSR Aichi Nagoya.  That is 9 Japanese used car auctions on a Monday.

Tuesdays:  we have AAA, Arai Sendai, CAA Gifu, CAA Tokyo, CAA Tohoku, GE Nyusatsu Tokyo, JU Mie, JU Nagano, JU Saitama, JU Shizuoka, JU Yamaguchi, NAA Fukuoka, NPS Fukuoka Nyusatsu, NPS Osaka Nyusatsu, NPS Sendai Nyusatsu, NPS Tokyo Nyusatsu, Orix Fukuoka Nyusatsu,  ORIX Kobe Nyuusatsu, ORIX Sendai Nyuusatsu, SAA Sapporo, SAA Kyushu, SLC Tokyo, smap Fukuoka Nyusatsu, TAA Hiroshima, TAA Kinki, TAA Kyushu, TAA Minami Kyushu, TAA Shikoku, USS Yokohama. That is 29 Japanese used car auctions on a Tuesday.

Wednesdays:  we have Bay Auc, BCN, CAA Chubu, GE Nyusatsu Fukuoka, Hero, IAA, Isuzu Makuhari (truck auction), JAA, JU Ibaraki, JU Ishikawa, KAA Kyoto, KCAA Ebino, LAA Shikoku, ORIX Atsugi Nyusatsu, smap Sapporo Nyusatsu, smap Tokyo Nyusatsu, USS Fukuoka, USS Kobe, USS Niigata, USS Sapporo, USS Tohoku. That is 21 Japanese used car auctions on a Wednesday.

Thursdays:  we have Arai Oyama, GE Nyusatsu Kobe, HAA Osaka, Isuzu Kyushu (truck auction), JU Aichi, JU Fukushima, JU Gunma, JU Hiroshima, JU Kanagawa, JU Toyoama, KCAA Fukuoka, LAA Kansai, NAA Nagoya, NAA Osaka, Orix Nagoya Nyusatsu, SAA Hamamatsu, SLC Kobe, smap Kobe Nyusatsu, smap Nagoya Nyusatsu, TAA Chubu, TAA Hokkaido, TAA Kanto, TAA Tohoku, USS Tokyo, Zip Osaka.  That is 26 Japanese used car auctions on a Thursday.

Friday:  we have Arai Bayside, Isuzu Kobe, JAA Tsukuba, JU Chiba, JU Fukuoka, JU Miyagi, JU Niigata, JU Okayama LAA, JU Okinawa, JU Sapporo, JU Tochigi, KCAA Yamaguchi, NAA Tokyo, USS Hokuriku, USS Nagoya, USS Osaka, USS Saitama.  That is 17 Japanese used car auctions on a Friday.

Saturday:  we have Arai VT, HAA Kobe, JU Gifu, JU Nara, NAA Nagoya Nyusatsu, NAA Osaka Nyusatsu, NAA Tokyo Nyusatsu, TAA Yokohama, USS Gunma, USS Kyushu, USS Okayama, USS Ryutsu, USS Shizuoka.  That is 13 Japanese used car auctions on a Saturday.

That makes a total of 115 auctions, not 150.  Perhaps the programmers first language wasn’t English and he thought 115 was 150 (you know how fifteen and fifty can sound similar)!.
So there are 115 car and truck auctions a week in Japan and we show them.  Don’t settle for anything less or you will be missing some serious stock to choose from.