philPhil Keenaghan Phil has many years of experience, especially in the European sector with an expanding knowledge of the English, Irish and European markets. Well knowledged on the Guiness as well though not exactly car related!

Phil Keenaghan

Born – Ireland

Marriage Status – Life without parole.

Eye Colour – Variable

Blood Type – Don’t know

Star Sign – Don’t Care

First Drive – VW Transporter Pick Up (Ute), aged 11 – Uncle’s farm, got it into 2nd and left it there.

First Car (legal) – Opel Astra 1.7D Van (Rob’ Robts Co. Car). Left on its roof in a field in Co. Kerry.

First Car Purchased – 1978 Ford Falcon XC – Sydney Australia.

Most Fun on 4 Wheels – Lotus 7 with 2Ltr Ford Duratec Engine

Favourite Past-time – Go – Karting with ma Boyz.

Hobbies – Karate – Black belt

Passion – Rugby and anything that runs on low profiles.

My Hero – Wife Yayoi, for putting up with me for longer than anyone should.

Proudest Achievement – Our four fantastic bilingual multi cultured children.

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