Our Ireland/UK specialist Phil Keenaghan has decided to make a big move in his life and family.

First step was to start a relationship with “Dennis”, here’s a picture of Dennis here:

Town ace truck model Dennis Xavier
Bought in the auctions, townace truck “Dennis Xavier”

Dennis went to our office for the complicated name change process, unfortunately the name change didn’t occur on time for the first step of Phil’s plan, doing the moving of his family from one apartment in Tokyo to the next.  Anyway, apart from that bad luck Dennis was available to do the 2nd step of Phil’s grand plans in his mid-life crisis: move Phil’s remaining possesions to the bottom of Kyushu (the most southern part of the mainland of Japan), specifically here:

Why here?  Because he went ahead and bought his “dream home”? aka “retirement home?” here.  Price?  Not much more than the average car we buy in the auctions each day!

So the day of departure, and sending-off by his family in Tokyo:


Phil and family
Not the moving day but a Phil and family photo
Pre-move day
Phil's moving day
Pre-move day

Dennis the mule then got loaded up:

Denis the truck loaded up
Dennis loaded up

Drive or cruise?  Cruise was chosen, a ferry cruise.

Ferry cruise for Phil and Dennis
Ferry cruise for Phil and Dennis

and luxury meals onboard? Vending machines and a microwave oven!

Vending machines on the boat
Meals? Vending machines … Japan!

And arrival in southern Kyushu

Loaded truck arrived in Kyushu
Dennis’ new home

Phil has now got his hands full restoring and farming, good luck mate!

Kyushu house
Kyushu house from the side
House, weeding needed!
Kyushu house garden
The garden looking forward to some veggies being planted