Japanese Car Auction Customer Feedback

Dear Eugene,

I want to sincerely thank you for getting me such a beautiful vehicle. I have driven it already and it is much better than it looked on the pictures.

The vehicle is very nice, clean and in very good condition.

I will always recommend your company to my friends and hope to buy from you again, soon.


Hi Chikara,

Finally got the Pulsar.  I am very happy.  The paint is a little rough, but the engine has had a lot of money spent on it by the owner.  It is really fast.  Probably 350hp.  I can’t wait to get it on the road.  Thanks again.  I will be searching for more vehicles in your Japanese car auction system in the next little while.

J  Hamilton


Newport Wholesale
2/11 Wrights place
Arundel 4214
Australia .

To Provide Cars Japan .

I just want  thanks you guys at Provide, for the  14 years  of great Japanese used car auction service you have provided me with. We have brought over 500 units for our NZ and Australian yards and you have gone to great lengths to make sure all the vehicles are in the condition that we demanded.

You have always been totally honest and reliable in all ways of your exporting business.

Phil Jaquiery

Charles Kumar


Hi Chikara,

I hope you are all well? I was told today that there are floods in Thailand… that does not affect you right? I will be waiting for your response…

On another matter, we have received the Auris and I have had a good look at it… Wow it is so fancy and very clean… It even smells new!

Also,my client for the Toyota Auris 2007 asked me to e-mail you and your team to say how grateful they are to you and how thankful too! They asked me to tell you and and all those who made the purchase of the Auris possible, that they would deal with you any time because of your honesty and team support!

I was very glad to hear this because as you know a satisfied client will send new clients to us!
Chikara, I too would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your continued support to me, especially you Chikara with answering all those little questions that I have. I always appreciate your advice to me my friend, I hope you know this…

God Bless,

John Zevgolis


The Manager
Provide Cars, Japan

Having now settled in comfortably with our second “Jap Import”, we thought it was time to drop you a note and thank you for the service.

When we started considering our first little sporty “toy” we were really just not sure what we were doing and in fact a little daunted by the whole prospect. We need not have been. Your agent listened, yes actually listened, to us and then cleared in our own mind what we were looking for. The guidance which he, Les, provided left us feeling that the exercise probably wouldn’t be too complicated.

In fact even that was an overstatement. We got our little BMW toy with minimum waiting, in the colour we wanted, at a fully landed cost of less than we expected and service which could put all the big firms around town to shame.

The only reason we did not drop you a note of appreciation right then, was that we had that little niggardly thought about “what if something goes wrong?”

Silly thought! Everything had gone so well that we now have our second set of wheels through your company and this time we again experienced that same level of service. We were freely given advice to help us firm up a bit more on the “some kind of mid-sized stationwagon” so that we knew what we really wanted, and then bingo, your team provided it.

Great service, great follow up and supplying just what was needed at just the right price.

It is almost a shame we don’t need any more cars right now! It is good fun buying through you!

Fred and Glynis
New Zealand

Hi Les

I picked up the Ist today and I’m very happy. The only things needed for
certification were a rear brake light and a pucture repair repaired. The
car is probably in better condition than what I thought the Auction sheet
said. The interior is in immaculate condition and it drives really nice.
Definitely has turned out to be a great deal.

Friends and people I work with have been very interested in the process
and the ones that have seen the car today are very impressed. Everyone is
now trying to tell me I should sell it and make a quick buck.

I hope I can get you some more customers.

I’ve enjoyed the process and found it to be better than trudging around
car yards at the weekends and this way it is also a bit more exciting.

I really do appreciate your help and patience as I bided on the cars. I
think now that I’ve done this, I see that with your help it really is a
hassle free process – though my early low bids were probably a hassle for

By having the low mileage car even in a years time the Ist would only
possibly have 60 000km on the clock which would still be quite sellable so
maybe then or sooner it could be a good time to sell and import another.

Again thank you for all your help and work. I will be recommending Provide
Cars and yourself to anyone that is interested in importing a car.

Thank You

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