The GR86 Yaris devued in Japan in 2022. Using a fairly good translate software, I came up with these results from a Japaese page

The development of the GRMN Yaris began with Morizo’s desire to deliver to customers a car that “evolves quickly and is tailored to individuals, just as in the world of motorsport.” By leveraging the lessons learned from participating in motorsport, improvements were made in body rigidity and a weight reduction of about 20kg, lowering the center of gravity by 10mm, and enhancing aerodynamics by widening the overall width by 10mm. Additionally, by repeatedly breaking and fixing, a mechanical LSD and a set of close gear ratio transmissions with a low final gear were adopted. Furthermore, through rigorous testing by professional drivers, braking power, grip, cornering ability, and responsiveness were enhanced, evolving into a car that can be driven fast with confidence.

Vehicle Overview
The GRMN Yaris is based on the GR Yaris and has achieved the ultimate form of a lightweight sports 4WD by incorporating numerous technologies and parts refined in the realm of motorsport, focusing on weight reduction and enhanced body rigidity.

  • It employs a set of close gear ratio transmission and low final gear that have been refined in the field of motorsport. The gear ratios are designed to efficiently utilize the engine power band, cross-ratioing speeds 1 through 4 and combining them with a low final gear optimized for driving force. Additionally, for improved reliability in endurance races, SNCM material and shot peening have been applied to the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th gears, and final gear, significantly enhancing shock torque strength and fatigue strength.
  • By using lightweight and high-rigidity carbon (twill weave CFRP) for the hood, roof, and rear spoiler, and removing the rear seats to reduce the seating capacity to two, it has achieved a weight reduction of about 20Kg.
  • The number of spot welding points has been increased by 545, and structural adhesive has been applied over an additional 12 meters, further strengthening the body rigidity. This has made it possible to more directly respond to the driver’s operations.
  • Regarding production, like the GR Yaris, it will be assembled by employees with ‘Takumi’ (artisan) skills on a dedicated line at the Motomachi factory.

The GRMN Yaris will start accepting reservation lotteries on the TGR website from today and will be on sale at GR Garages nationwide from around the summer of 2022. In addition to the base grade, we have prepared a “Circuit package” that refines road performance based on feedback from participating in the Super Taikyu Series. The “Circuit package” comes in a special exterior color, “Matte Steel*1,” and is planned to be sold in a limited edition of 50 units. Moreover, as a dealer-installed option that can be added to the base grade, we have prepared a “Rally package” that collects parts to enhance traversability on all road surfaces, based on feedback from participating in the All Japan Rally Championship.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price range: 7,317,000 to 8,467,000 (including consumption tax, in yen).

I watched one of these go through the auction last week. Grade 6, 2000kms. 2023. Starting price …. 5,980,000 … NO CALL (no one bid).

Obviously the price tag is a little too high for the used car auctions at the moment?

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