Japanese Car Auction Bidding Outcomes

There are various outcomes that may occur when you bid in the Japanese car auctions.  These are:

  • You purchase the vehicle within your budget or very close to it. BOUGHT
  • The vehicle was purchased by someone else before Japan used car auction. SOLD
  • The vehicle did not reach the sellers reserve, it was not sold. PASSED
  • A passed vehicle was entered into negotiation and sold in negotiation. SOLD IN NEGOTIATION
  • For some reason the owner removed the vehicle from the bidding process during the auction.  REMOVED

What happens if the car passed close to, or just above your bid, AND you would like to negotiate for possible purchase?

Well that gets complicated, sometimes REALLY complicated, but the basic rule is: “You can never negotiate below the passed price, only above”.

If you like details, go to this page for more details:  Negotiation in the auctions

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