Negotiation, rules that apply to negotiating on a passed car in the auctions

So you have searched, got a translation, bid on a vehicle …. and you hear it has “passed” close to your bidding price.  On second thoughts you think it may be worth just a little more than your bid, so you request us to “negotiate” for you.  Depending on the auction, the negotiation rules are different, sometimes VERY different. In front of me as I write this I have 7 pages of different rules and conditions, if I translated them verbatim, I would be accused of putting you to sleep in front of your computer.  So in a condensed form:

  1.  The negotiation price will always be higher than the passed price, you can not negotiate lower.  Some auctions this can be done immediately, some they require us to wait 15 or 30 minutes AFTER the car has passed.
  2. USS Auctions:  The negotiation price is “often” set before the auction by the seller.  This may be close to the passed price, or waaay above the passed price. We find this price out by ringing the auction and asking for the negotiation price.  The negotiation price MAY have gone up BECAUSE a previous company had also started negotiation, and no agreement was reached.  As the 2nd company starting the negotiation, we start at the point the previous company stopped.  For example a car passes and negotiation starts at 500,000 yen.  When we ring the auction for the negotiation start price, they now tell us it is 700,000 yen! This is because a company before us had negotiated up to this price and then stopped.  We start negotiating from where they finished.
  3. TAA Auctions:  The negotiation price usually is 30,000 yen above the passed price.  Exceptions exist.  Some TAA auctions start a little lower.
  4.  JU Auctions:  The negotiation price is between 10,000 and 20,000 yen above the passed price.
  5.  LAA auctions:  Depending on the passed price, between 10,000 yen and 30,000 yen above the passed price.
  6. Bayauc/MIRIVE auctions:  30,000 yen above the passed price
  7. Isuzu auctions:  between 10,000 and 20,000 yen above the passed price of the vehicle.
  8. NAA auctions:  20,000 above the passed price of the vehicle
  9. ZIP (foreign car specialist auctions): 30,000 yen above the passed price
  10. CAA auctions:  depending on the value of the car:  cheap cars that passed for less than 200,000 yen, the passed value plus 10,000 yen. For vehicles that passed over 200,000 yen, the passed value plus 20,000 yen.  Again there are exceptions.

What about the following day?  You may not hear that the vehicle passed until after the auction closed!  Well, SOME auctions allow us to negotiate up until 12pm (lunchtime) the following day, and that is not your lunchtime, that is Japanese lunchtime, or bento box time. Though recently this ability to negotiate the following day has been removed.


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