About 10% of our customers cars bought in auctions each year are bought from one of the many JU auctions spread out over Japan.

As a company the most purchased from JU auctions in Japan in terms of volume are:

  1.  JU Gifu ..
  2.  JU Okayama ..
  3.  JU Aichi
  4.  JU Tokyo ..
  5.  JU Saitama

After that we do buy small numbers of vehicles from most of the other JU auctions.

Are the cars sold at JU Auctions any good?  

A car is a car whether bought at a USS Auction, a TAA auction or any other auction including the JU auctions.  There are very good cars at all of these auctions and there are not so good vehicles at all auctions.  Just because a vehicle is sold at a ZIP auction doesn’t make it any better than if it is sold at a JU auction. It is how the auction decides to grade a vehicle and represent that to us as to where the reputation for that auction comes.

So what do I think of the grading of the JU Auctions? I think they are similar to most of the USS Auctions, that is, HAND WRITTEN auction sheets. I have written before about these, some are clear and some even native Japanese find it hard to read.  Auctions like the CAA and TAA auctions type their kanji characters and make it a lot easier to read.  Hand written auction sheets are something out of the 1990s.  You would think with all the IT advances in Japan in the last 30 years that hand written auction sheets would have been something of the past but NO, some traditions just don’t go away.  Perhaps these auctions are trying to keep the Japanese art of caligraphy alive!!

Daily the JU Auctions in Japan are as follows:

Monday:  JUTokyo  

Tuesday:  JU Aomori  JU Fukui  JU Mie  JU Nagano  JU Saitama JU Shizuoka  JU Yamaguchi 

Wednesday:  JU Akita JU Ibaraki JU Ishikawa JU Kumamoto JU Nagasaki JU Oita

Thursday:  JU Aichi  JU Fukushima  JU Gunma JU Hiroshima JU Kanagawa JU Miyazaki JU Toyama

Friday: JU Chiba  JU Fukuoka  JU Miyagi  JU Niigata  JU Okayama  JU Okinawa** JU Sapporo JU Shimane JU Tochigi 

Saturday: JU Gifu  JU Nara  JU Yamagata  JU Yamanashi

**Just a note about Okinawa auctions, the cost for transport to the closest export port is 80,000 yen!