Month: April 2024

Golden Week Break 2024

Yes, Japan does have breaks, not many of them but they DO happen and these affect the auctions. Below is the scheduled breaks from the auction starting next week During this week bids on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th will...

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What is a hanko?

What is a hanko, or an official stamp? Without one of these (actually more than one), we could not do business in Japan. Without a hanko you can not open a bank account. Without a hanko we can not deregister...

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Toyota Prius… chassis types?

A very popular car all around the world is the Toyota Prius. There a huge volumes of these in the Japanese used car auctions. However, a Prius is not always the Prius you were planning on buying. There are 2WD,...

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The GR86 Yaris devued in Japan in 2022. Using a fairly good translate software, I came up with these results from a Japaese page The development of the GRMN Yaris began with Morizo's desire to deliver to customers a car...

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Importing used cars from Japan to Australia

Thinking of importing a used car from Japan to Australia? Let's see what we can find out? Toyota Alphard hybrids: importable? Australia has long been one of the Japanese used car export markets. Until now however it was usually classed...

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CO₂ and NO₂ emission data from Japan

Some countries (Éire or Ireland as the outsiders call it)  both CO2 and NO2 emission data is required for customs declarations.  Usually that information is for used European cars, made in various European countries and exported to Japan.  Hidden away...

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