What is a hanko?

What is a hanko, or an official stamp? Without one of these (actually more than one), we could not do business in Japan. Without a hanko you can not open a bank account. Without a hanko we can not deregister...

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Winter break 2023

The winter scheduled break as follows: Office:  closed from Thursday 28th December till Tuesday 9th of January Auctions:  as follows

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Lamborghini Urus 2019

Our customer allowed us to share the photos of a car bought this month.  These are photos taken at the port while waiting for shipment/export.  Not often we buy cars of this value! Translation of the auction sheet was as...

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Obon auction break 2022

What is Obon?  "The Japanese welcome the spirits of their dead ancestors and rekindle their connections" ... well that is the first time I have heard that and I have been living here for over 30 years.  I suppose that...

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Hail storms damage cars on auction day

Last Saturday we canceled bidding for cars in USS Gunma auction after a hail storm hit the region.  Exposed vehicles are at the mercy of the environment and as the storm came through with hail the size of balls: there...

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