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Toyota Prius… chassis types?

A very popular car all around the world is the Toyota Prius. There a huge volumes of these in the Japanese used car auctions. However, a Prius is not always the Prius you were planning on buying. There are 2WD,...

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The GR86 Yaris devued in Japan in 2022. Using a fairly good translate software, I came up with these results from a Japaese page The development of the GRMN Yaris began with Morizo's desire to deliver to customers a car...

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Honda Fit Hybrid … 2019~ model GP5

Honda's 5-door small car, Fit Hybrid, offers three lineup options: Base model "Hybrid," "Hybrid F" with enhanced functionality, and "Hybrid L Honda Sensing" with added quality features. This also includes the sporty "Hybrid S Honda Sensing." Equipped with a 1.5L...

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New Toyota Prius PHEV Japanese User Reviews

"A Car That Makes You a Bad Driver" Japanese users review of the 2023 Toyota Prius PHEV Z (CVT 2.0 PHEV) Overall score:   Driving performance  5/5  Ride comfort 5/5   Fuel efficiency  5/5   Design 5/5   Price 4/5 Overall Evaluation:  It provides...

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV … Japanese reviews

Often we overlook the opinions of the country that Japanese used cars were made for, the Japanese domestic market.  Here we look at some Japanese reviews of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (plug in) Japanese reviews:   Overall Evaluation  5/5  ...

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Toyota Supra 2019~ model

The new Toyota "Supra" is the first global model in the sports car series "GR" developed by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. It is the first product resulting from a comprehensive partnership with BMW, and it shares the common feature of being...

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USS Car Auctions in Japan

The USS Auctions have 19 sites throughout Japan. They still utilize a satellite TV system with their dedicated terminal. The data you view on the terminal runs through the satellite system. We have been using this system for over 20...

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Will Toyota restart GR Corolla production again?

The Toyota "GR Corolla," which was first unveiled globally in March 2022, is a purebred sports car that embodies Toyota Gazoo Racing's brand concept of "Creating Better Cars from Motorsports." It has been meticulously refined through rigorous track testing, off-road...

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