Export Updates

New Zealand Vehicle Import Regulations

Just like in neighbouring Australia, importing a car to New Zealand requires meeting various specific requirements to comply with the country's safety and environmental standards. This article aims to help clarify these requirements, so you know what type of vehicle...

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A guide to importing cars to Ireland from Japan

Ireland's taxation system for new cars is severe enough to restrict buyers so that they tend to hold onto their smokey polluter longer than they should. So where can an Irish dealer replenish his stock of good European vehicles for...

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More frequently asked Questions

Whether you are a first-time vehicle importer with a one-off purchase from Provide Cars, or a veteran motor enthusiast and dealer who is interested in long-term vehicle imports from Japan….  We all know that for a vehicle to move from...

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Importing used cars from Japan to Australia

Thinking of importing a used car from Japan to Australia??  If you are thinking of importing a car from Japan to Australia, and it is your first time in doing so, unfortunately you are probably now informed that the process...

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CO₂ and NO₂ emission data from Japan

Some countries (Éire or Ireland as the outsiders call it)  both CO2 and NO2 emission data is required for customs declarations.  Usually that information is for used European cars, made in various European countries and exported to Japan.  Hidden away...

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Japan’s EV used car export future or is it something else?

Fires:  RORO specialist K-line's Freematle Highway .... exploding electric cars (brand new!). Fire in a Pachinko car park in Japan (August 20th).  Although the cause of this Pachinko car park fire didn't originate with an electric car, but rather a...

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Container prices stable to slight increase?

A survey of over 2,500 supply chain professionals indicates optimism for container market recovery. Container xChange's Container Price Sentiment Index (xCPSI) grew in July from June. Stable July container prices suggest favorable conditions for shippers in the peak season. Container...

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New regulations for used cars into Russia

Who would think there is a war on with this booming trade with Russia: [caption id="attachment_6038" align="alignnone" width="760"] 2023 and look who is at the top[/caption] Perhaps out of embarassment or pressure to actually put substance to their official stand,...

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Foreign imported cars into Japan, strange chassis numbers!

If you have imported a foreign car from Japan, perhaps bought in the Japan auctions, you may notice that it has a strange chassis number on the export document (export certificate). The reason privately imported foreign cars in Japan have...

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Update on Container shipping of used cars out of Japan

Container freight prices have come back to their pre-Covid levels. [caption id="attachment_5723" align="alignnone" width="812"] Container prices back to pre-Covid levels[/caption] The ocean freight industry faced a capacity crunch during the pandemic, which led to increased uncertainties and created a favorable...

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