Top 5 Forklifts

Thank God it’s Friday!  Today is Forklift Friday!  I want to talk a little about forklifts today!  Forklifts are essential to many businesses.  There’s quite a few forklift companies out there.  So which company is the best?  Here are the top 5!

  • Toyota Industries Corp. $8.78 billion. Longtime leader in the industry.  (Japan)
  • The KION Group. $5.924 billion. (Germany)
  • The Jungheinrich Group. $4.25 billion.(Germany)
  • Mitsubishi Logisnext Co., Ltd. $3.7 billion. (Japan)
  • Crown Equipment Corp. $2.9 billion (U.S.A)

Image result for toyota forklift  Image result for Mitsubishi forklift

As you can see the top 5 forklifts company consists of German, Japan and USA.  Some might say that it doesn’t matter what brand you get but that is not true at all.  You need to put into consideration of the following when buying a forklift.

  1. Load capacity.
  2. Lift height.
  3. Fuel type.
  4. Hand Pallet Jack (Lift Truck)
  5. Electric Pallet Jack (Lift Truck)
  6. Manual Stacker.
  7. Walk Behind Electric Pallet Stacker.
  8. Order Picker.

This is my personal opinion but if I were buying I would choose one that would have a better resale value.  You never know when you will need to upgrade as your business grows.  Or perhaps you might have to down grade.  Either was you want to make sure you get the biggest return when you have to sell your forklift.  Typically Chinese forklifts do not get the best return so I would recommend the forklifts mention at the top.

We at Provide Cars Ltd. help customers buy used forklifts at the Japanese auctions.  Typically if you are buying 1.5 ton size forklifts we can fit 7 to 9 forklifts in one 40 foot high cube shipping container.  Most forklift auctions are on Tuesdays and Thursday.  If you are curious and have any questions let us know.  You can get a nice forklift at a great price!

Toyota Prius PHV (Plug in)

Many of us know that the Toyota is the best hybrid car on the market.  Sales of the Prius continue to grow despite electric vehicles coming on to the market.  The Toyota Prius will be the go to car for awhile as it continues to get better in every aspect from handling to gas mileage.  What is so great about the Prius PHV is that even when you put it in EV Mode and Power Mode the battery doesn’t seem to decrease much.  It’s advertised to go 68km on EV mode but in reality it goes about 47km which is still great!

Grade A

Did I mention that you can charge the battery at home?

Image result for toyota prius phv charging

Wait, did I mention that you can get one with a solar panel that will charge the battery as well?

How about getting an extra 1000 km a year on solar power?  Yes, please and thank you!

Image result for toyota prius phv solar

The interior has a nice comfy feel to it.

Image result for toyota prius phv interior

The trunk has decent space for luggage and groceries.

Image result for toyota prius phv trunk

If you’re wondering where you can get one you can get one at the Japanese auto auction at a great price.  If you have never imported a car ask Provide Cars.  Get a hold of our owner ,Jon, at [email protected]  He will assign someone to contact you and help you every step of the way.  If you want to talk to someone just call us at +81 798 75 1451.  You won’t regret it!