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ESC rule, the day of reckoning for New Zealand imports

Well the day is nearly upon us!  March 1st 2020. ESC defined as:   "Electronic stability control (ESC), also referred to as electronic stability program (ESP) or dynamic stability control (DSC), is a computerized technology that improves a vehicle's stability by...

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Toyota Caldina Review

A sporty wagon with a little more oomph than expected, the Toyota Caldina is a family-friendly vehicle. [SPECS] Engine: 1.5, 1.8, or 2.0 litre engine for petrol; 2.0 or 2.2 litre engine for diesel Fuel Consumption: 5.4-10 litres per 100km...

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Toyota Aristo Review

The Toyota Aristo is a mid-sized luxury car that is commonly referred to as a Lexus GS. This car is made for style, excellent handling, and speed while remaining a useable and reliable vehicle to get you where you need...

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Toyota Cami Review

A tough little SUV, the Toyota Cami sure knows how to take a beating and keep on rolling.   [SPECS] Engine: 1.3i 16V 4WD Turbo; 1.3i 16V P4WD; 1.3i 16V P 2WD Fuel Consumption: 7.14L per 100km, average tank is...

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Toyota Hilux Review

  Specs: JDM Engine Option 1: 0 L 1TR-FE I4 Petrol JDM Engine Option 2: 7 L 2TR-FE I4 Petrol JDM Engine Option 3: 0 L 1GR-FE V6 Petrol JDM Engine Option 4: 2.4 to 3.0 L GD or KD-FTV...

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Toyota Avensis Review

  Comfortable and well-equipped with a long warranty, the Toyota Avensis is a mix between the hatchback and saloon models. Toyota Avensis Specs Engine: 1.8-Litre Petrol / 1.6 or 2.0-Litre Diesel Fuel Consumption: 62.8mpg Curb Weight: 1,480kg 4,710mm L x...

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Toyota Blade Review

High-end in style and features without a high-end price tag, the Toyota Blade is a prime example of affordable luxury. [SPECS] Engine: 2.4 litre 2AZ-FE Fuel Consumption: 6.3 litre per 100km (best reported), with 60L tank capacity Curb Weight: 1390kg...

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