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Will Toyota restart GR Corolla production again?

The Toyota "GR Corolla," which was first unveiled globally in March 2022, is a purebred sports car that embodies Toyota Gazoo Racing's brand concept of "Creating Better Cars from Motorsports." It has been meticulously refined through rigorous track testing, off-road...

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Toyota GR Yaris

Welcome to the evolving Vitz we delve into the exciting world of the JDM Toyota Yaris GR. You may already know that the Toyota Vitz in Japan is the Toyota Yaris outside of Japan. However, Toyota has taken the foreign...

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Nissan Leaf model history

The Nissan Leaf is an all-electric vehicle (EV) produced by Nissan. It has been a popular electric car worldwide, including in the Japanese market. Over the years, Nissan has introduced several model versions and updates for the Nissan Leaf. Here...

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Mirrors not folding … control module?

A common problem occuring on cars in the auctions is the comment "mirror(s) not folding". What is the likely cause?  The control module.  Repairing a mirror when the control module fails typically involves replacing the faulty module. Here are the...

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Ignistion Stop System

Nowadays it is quite common for vehicles to have the ignition start stop system. If you see comment this car has "ignition stop system", this is what the system is: The ignition stop system, also known as an idle stop...

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Toyota Corolla GR … sold in the Japan car auctions!

Yes, one of these very limited edition cars appeared, and SOLD in the auctions last week.  Price?  Can not tell you that, but it was a lot more than it cost the buyer to buy new off Toyota.  Pictures?  Not...

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Honda Vezel History and Models and model changes

The Honda Vezel, easily found in the Japan car auctions as well as a popular export car, also known as the Honda HR-V in some markets, is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by Honda. Here is a brief history of...

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Toyota Aqua model changes

The Toyota Aqua, also known as the Toyota Prius c in some markets, is a compact hybrid vehicle that was first introduced in the Japanese market in 2011. Here is a list of model types or generations of the Toyota...

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