Auction Finds: Electric Porsche 356 Speedster

Want to combine the classy looks of the original Porsche Speedster with the efficiency and low-down torque of electric motors. Can’t wait for a Tesla Roadster, or looking for something cheaper and not as common? This might be the answer. Provide Cars, we provide you with the largest selection of vehicles available from 115 car auctions… Continue reading Auction Finds: Electric Porsche 356 Speedster

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Auction Finds: Mini Moke

I haven’t seen one of these on the roads for years – certainly not in Japan – but here is a great example of the utility vehicle that was based on the Mini for sale in the car auction in Japan today. Apparently the whole Moke concept started with an attempt to create a Jeep-type… Continue reading Auction Finds: Mini Moke

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Evolution II

I started getting interested in cars as a teenager in the 1980s. These were the days of the Countach versus the Testarossa, and later the 959 against the F40. But another battle was in progress a little further down the food chain: This was the battle of the offspring of the horsepower-fueled insanity that they… Continue reading Evolution II

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This Pushmi-Pullyu Mini is a hot tip from one of our friends. It’s not in the Japanese car auctions here, but you can pick it up on eBay where it is available until September 8th, 2009. Someone really had Minsanity, and spent about 40,000 Pounds (and, I am sure) countless hours creating this amazing machine. Apparently the… Continue reading Mini

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