Month: July 2023

Mount Daisen (Daisen 大山) 2400 stairs!

A break from Japan car auctions and exporting for a climb up Mt. Daisen (literally 大 and the Japanese pronunciation for mountain 山 or "san" (you know the owner of a Japanese restaurant outside of Japan is not Japanese when...

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2023 Summer Break Schedule

Auctions will be closed from the 11th of August until the 16th of August, but from the 16th to the 19th they will be very much reduced in number Also office hours, the office (not necessarily bidding) will be closed...

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The “C” word in the Japanese used car auctions

There is a word beginning with "C" that must be discussed here.  It is not a good word, but it must be said: CORROSION or as often translated on the auction sheets: ### corrosion underneath ###. [caption id="attachment_5991" align="alignnone" width="379"]...

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Chikara Imashioya’s hidden talents

Apart from our agent Chikara Imashioya dealing with his customers, dealing with auctions, dealing with the deregistration of cars and dealing with new airconditioners for the office kitchen: Chikara also ... "another side", perhaps where he releases all his stress?...

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Philip Keenaghan’s big move with “Dennis”

Our Ireland/UK specialist Phil Keenaghan has decided to make a big move in his life and family. First step was to start a relationship with "Dennis", here's a picture of Dennis here: [caption id="attachment_5869" align="alignnone" width="635"] Bought in the auctions,...

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Honda Fit Hybrid … 2019~ model GP5

Honda's 5-door small car, Fit Hybrid, offers three lineup options: Base model "Hybrid," "Hybrid F" with enhanced functionality, and "Hybrid L Honda Sensing" with added quality features. This also includes the sporty "Hybrid S Honda Sensing." Equipped with a 1.5L...

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TAA and CAA used car auction map

When bidding on cars it is good to know where the auction is.  Knowing where the auction is you can factor-in inland transport costs.  Also by looking at the map you can imagine the impact of snow on the area...

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