Kazue Mori | Provide Cars


Mori Kazue

First years at Provide …

Kazue was born and raised in Kansai.  She first worked at Provide Cars 6 years ago.  She came into the company to help in the documentation.  After a year there she soon progressed and showed her skills with accounting, having come from an accounting background in her previous company.  Since then she has grown in skill and excellence as the accounts lady.  When you send Provide Cars a transfer, she is the one who will manage it into your account.

Highlights working at Provide …

When asked about what does she like about working at Provide Cars.  She answered “the holidays”.  At Provide Cars she gets her Satudays and Sundays off.  Something most people in the West take for granted.

When she is not working …

What does she like to do in her spare time?  She like to work in the garden.  We offered her the job of pulling out all the weeds around the Provide office, but she rejected the office.  That is not the sort of gardening she like.

Shinji Kano | Provide Cars


Early years …

Shinji was born and raised in Kobe.  He spent his high school years at Hotoku High, a school near Nishinomiya famous for rugby and baseball.  Also a school that Jon French taught at before starting Provide Cars in the 1990s.

Toyota sales staff 20 years …

Then after completing school he spent 20 years working as a sales staff for Toyopet, one of the new car sales branches of Toyota.


Bidding staff …

Shinji joined us this year and has a role of bidding on cars for you as well as arranging the transportation of those vehicles to the various ports and yards around the country.  Shinji enjoys his work at Provide Cars as it is low pressure and allows him more time to spend with his family than when he worked for Toyota.

When he is not working …

When Shinji is not working and the weather is good he likes to go motorbike travelling around the country, especially the Japanese west coast.  It is beautiful over there.  He uses his Honda Hornet, a bike like this one

111023_124401 nihonkai


Hiromi Nakagawa | Provide Cars


Hiromi was born and raised in the Kansai area.

Documentation …

Hiromi came to work at Provide Cars 2 years ago and is charge of the documentation.  What does she do?  She takes the Japanese “Shakensho” or registration paper that she receives from the auctions, and writes out a deregistration request form.  What actually happens is we change the ownership of the car into Provide Cars name and then request for a car or truck “export” certificate.  When she has a stack of these, she drives 30 minutes down the road to the Japanese land and transport office and surrenders the applications along with the number plates.  This is a place worth seeing if you ever tour Japan.  Not the normal tourist destination.  But a real spectacle of Japanese red tape efficiency.  About 30 minutes later, after this stake of vehicles has changed ownership then received export permission and she head back to the office again.  Now these deregistered cars new export certificates must be faxed back to the auction of origin to prove ownership change.  This is just one small glimpse of the work that awaits Hiromi every time we buy a car.

When she is not working …

Hiromi in her spare time enjoys dogs.  Her favorite dog is her own one and it is “Shiba ken”, a native breed of Japanese dog.  The smallest of the native breeds, originally breed to hunt small wild game, bear, boar and flush birds.  The name Shiba means small and brushwood in Japanese.


Reiko Suzuki | Provide Cars


First years at Provide …

Reiko joined Provide Cars 8 years ago and starting working as a translator,  bidding staff as well as sales staff.  Then as the company became busier an busier, her position changes to shipping.  Since then Reiko has spent 7 years exporting peoples cars, trucks and containers.  Her experience and contacts in this shipping position is vast.

Highlights working at Provide …

One highlight for Reiko was meeting some of the customers of Provide Cars in the Philippines.  In typical Filipino hospitality a complete pig was brought to the lunch table.


What does she like about the company …

Reiko likes the family like atmosphere in the office at Provide Cars.  It is not like a normal Japanese company where everything is very “verticle” and authoritarian, but rather horizontal and equal.

When she is not working …

When Reiko gets holidays she likes to travel and meet people and taste different cultures foods and tastes.  Some of her favorite destinations?  South Korea and the Philippines are the first to come to mind.

Phil Keenaghan | Provide Cars


Phil Keenaghan Phil has many years of experience, especially in the European sector with an expanding knowledge of the English, Irish and European markets. Well knowledged on the Guiness as well though not exactly car related!

Phil Keenaghan

Born – Ireland

Marriage Status – Life without parole.

Eye Colour – Variable

Blood Type – Don’t know

Star Sign – Don’t Care

First Drive – VW Transporter Pick Up (Ute), aged 11 – Uncle’s farm, got it into 2nd and left it there.

First Car (legal) – Opel Astra 1.7D Van (Rob’ Robts Co. Car). Left on its roof in a field in Co. Kerry.

First Car Purchased – 1978 Ford Falcon XC – Sydney Australia.

Most Fun on 4 Wheels – Lotus 7 with 2Ltr Ford Duratec Engine

Favourite Past-time – Go – Karting with ma Boyz.

Hobbies – Karate – Black belt

Passion – Rugby and anything that runs on low profiles.

My Hero – Wife Yayoi, for putting up with me for longer than anyone should.

Proudest Achievement – Our four fantastic bilingual multi cultured children.

Les Brimblecombe | Provide Cars

In the beginning …

Les spent his first 16 working years as a qualified motor mechanic both in New Zealand and then in London, England. For eight years he owned his own garage in London, and in his spare time he played rugby for the Wasp Rugby Club and also raced a variety of cars.

Each year he and his wife Trish would go on long holidays, including camping trips around Europe and North Africa, and visits to New Zealand.

A move back to New Zealand …

On returning to New Zealand his career path then moved to car sales where he sold both new and used cars for Mitsubishi and Honda. His next move was into Dealer Managership with Mitsubishi and then Toyota and Mercedes Benz.

For the last 20 years Les has firstly owned his own used car yard and then finally managed a used car warehouse selling used imports from Japan. This company was Provide Cars first client.

Off to Japan …

For four years Les frequently went to Japan where he and Jon French would go to the car auctions and buy cars for the New Zealand operation. This was a big learning curve for both parties! Les experienced finding new auctions to attend, driving to them and getting lost and learning everyday something new about Japan, the auctions, and how to find the best bargain buy. When Les semi-retired in 2005 he joined Provide Cars Japan as an agent helping private clients worldwide to buy a car from the Japanese auctions. He is based in Paraparaumu, New Zealand and deals with private clients wordwide.


Can he help you? …

Les offers private clients the assistance they may need during the entire buying process, including advice on mechanical and body condition, advice on the amount needed to buy each car and for New Zealand buyers a formula to work out the ” on the road “costs for any car they wish to bid on. This is a very interactive process and removes a lot of fears and stress a first time auction buyer may have. Les also likes to make it a fun experience so people will enjoy their purchase.

When he is not working …

In his spare time Les is a keen fisherman,chef and gardener and more recently has become a grandfather to a beautiful grand daughter. Les has been happily married to Trish for 45 years and has a son and a daughter, both married.

les_brimblecombe_fish les_brimblecombe_garden


Eugene Potapov | Provide Cars


Expert in finding vehicles for customers, fixing their problems and probably needs a little more rest!

Contact Eugene: [email protected]

In the beginning …

Eugene’s passion for cars developed while studying in Far Eastern State Maritime Academy (FESMA now), back in the 80’s it was Far Eastern Maritime College in the city of Vladivostok, Russia Far East..  End of 1980’s and the beginning of the 1990’s the city of Vladivostok became a major hub for used car imports to all of Russia from east to west.  His first car was a 1.8ST EFI Toyota Celica with a 5 speed manual gear box and retractable head lights (top option those days).

A move to NZ to study …

In early 1990’s he moved to New Zealand, and his love for Japanese cars didn’t stop, rather than driving popular big thirsty Australian Holden Commodores he got himself behind a 1991 B20A 2.0L Honda Prelude

From 1997 to 1999 he was flat out studying the Japanese language at Auckland UNITEC. From year 2000 he started work in Japan.

Start at Provide Cars …

Eugene started his sales work for Provide Cars back in 2005.  His fluency in Russian, English and Japanese as well has his hard work ethic made him very successful as a sales staff at Provide Cars.  He not only learned the ins and outs of buying good cars in the auctions but he also involved himself with the shipping, the loading of cars into containers as well as many other aspects and complications of the whole used car export business.
My involvement in other aspects of the used cars export not just sales can be good point for those who wanted to deal with pro.

When he is not working …

Eugene knows the value of family, even above a stable job and is totally committed to his wife and young daughter Ana.  This year (2012) is her first year at primary school and everyone in Provide Cars is standing back in great anticipation of the wonderful impact she will have on her school and the friends she will make around her.

Eugene’s other passions are F1 racing (I mean what a cars really for?), as well as putting a nylon line over the back of a boat and hoping something fishy will happen, (fishing!!) although because the auctions rarely have a holiday his chances of doing this passion is limited.

Chikara Imashioya | Provide Cars


This gentle English fluent father of 4 won’t think twice about doing overtime to make sure a problem or job is fixed before heading home each day. Often the last one out of the office.

In the beginning …

Chikara was born and raised in Japan, in the Osaka, Higashi Osaka.  He never imagined going overseas, let alone living a major part of his life overseas.  After he graduated from Shijonawate Kita High School he headed overseas to study bible and music in Portland Oregon USA.

A chance to study overseas …

The degree was 4 years long and 2 years of theology.  He met his future wife, Sarah in his 3rd year.  When he was 21 he got married to his girlfriend of 2 and a half years.  Once they had graduated they stayed on in the States for another 4 years, acting as a teacher in the school.  They then decided to come back to Japan, and more specifically, Osaka Japan.

Back into “Japanese reality” …

When Chikara first came back to Japan he worked in an import business in Kyoto.  This involved the import of vegetables and fruit.  This involved trips to Australia and Europe and also trading with customers from the Philippines (bananas and mangos), Mexico (avocados and squash) and America (brocolli, celory and citrus fruits). However, to a degree this ate into family time.  Japanese company hours are not like foreign company working hours!

Time for “cars and trucks” …

Chikara first came to work for Provide Cars in 2004. The learning curve about cars in the beginning was step.  He remembers training himself on the models of cars in the car parks when going on outings with his family.  Chikara has spent many, many hours translating auction sheets for customers.  He is also a great trouble shooter, finding solutions to problems when they occur, squeezing an extra car into a container, whatever the need there is.  He has now cut one day a week off his commitment to Provide Cars, allowing him more time for his other passions:

When he is not working …

When not working at Provide Cars he likes to spend time with his family. Four young daughters keep a man busy!  He also loves to pour his time into song leading and the youth in his Church that he attends.  Both he and his wife Sarah are very talented musicians and have produced songs together, regularly translating English worship songs into Japanese.