Month: November 2012

Learn to piggy back, truck piggy back

When purchasing large vehicles from the auctions, especially trucks, the freight charges can be horrendous. As much as possible we try to do this sort of thing for our customers; loading trucks onto and into trucks to reduce the overall...

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Some more “buying from a dealers stock” joke pics

[caption id="attachment_181" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Why waste money buying from a dealers stock?[/caption] [caption id="attachment_182" align="aligncenter" width="329"] Got money to burn, buy from used Japanese exporters stock today![/caption] [caption id="attachment_183" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Got money to throw away?[/caption] Start browsing through used...

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Kazue Mori | Provide Cars

  First years at Provide ... Kazue was born and raised in Kansai.  She first worked at Provide Cars 6 years ago.  She came into the company to help in the documentation.  After a year there she soon progressed and...

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Shinji Kano | Provide Cars

Early years ... Shinji was born and raised in Kobe.  He spent his high school years at Hotoku High, a school near Nishinomiya famous for rugby and baseball.  Also a school that Jon French taught at before starting Provide Cars...

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Hiromi Nakagawa | Provide Cars

Hiromi was born and raised in the Kansai area. Documentation ... Hiromi came to work at Provide Cars 2 years ago and is charge of the documentation.  What does she do?  She takes the Japanese "Shakensho" or registration paper that...

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Reiko Suzuki | Provide Cars

First years at Provide ... Reiko joined Provide Cars 8 years ago and starting working as a translator,  bidding staff as well as sales staff.  Then as the company became busier an busier, her position changes to shipping.  Since then...

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Phil Keenaghan | Provide Cars

Phil Keenaghan Phil has many years of experience, especially in the European sector with an expanding knowledge of the English, Irish and European markets. Well knowledged on the Guiness as well though not exactly car related! Phil Keenaghan Born -...

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Les Brimblecombe | Provide Cars

In the beginning ... Les spent his first 16 working years as a qualified motor mechanic both in New Zealand and then in London, England. For eight years he owned his own garage in London, and in his spare time...

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Eugene Potapov | Provide Cars

Expert in finding vehicles for customers, fixing their problems and probably needs a little more rest! Contact Eugene: [email protected]   In the beginning ... Eugene's passion for cars developed while studying in Far Eastern State Maritime Academy (FESMA now), back...

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Chikara Imashioya | Provide Cars

This gentle English fluent father of 4 won't think twice about doing overtime to make sure a problem or job is fixed before heading home each day. Often the last one out of the office.   In the beginning ......

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